Erre XI

Erre XI is a reggaetón duo from Puerto Rico that is associated with the Luny Tunes production team and reminiscent in style to RKM & Ken-Y. Comprised of Gerry "Lionize" Capó Hernández and Rafael "Raphy" Flores Ramírez, the duo made its recording debut on the Luny Tunes album Los Benjamins: La Continuación (2007) with the song "Vete." A highlight of the album, "Vete" led to the duo's full-length album debut, Luny Tunes Presents Erre XI (2008), which spawned the hit single "Carita Bonita" featuring Pee Wee of Kumbia All Starz.

Erre XI was a Puerto Rican reggaetn duo. They were signed with Luny Tunes Mas Flow Inc. label. Composed of Gerry "Lionize" Cap Hernndez and Rafael "Raphy" Flores Ramrez, the duo made its recording debut in 2007 on the Luny Tunes album Los Benjamins: La Continuacin with the song "Vete". In 2008 the duo released their full-length debut album titled Luny Tunes Presents: Erre XI which spawned the single "Carita Bonita" featuring Pee Wee of Kumbia All Starz. The album was largely produced by Luny Tunes.nIn August 2009, Lionize announced the break-up of the duo with Luny Tunes. Luny will keep the name 'Erre XI', but both Lionize and Raphy will be replaced by two other members. It is currently unknown if Lionize and El Raffe will continue to be a duo, or if both artists will pursue their solo-careers. As for the reasoning of the separation, a statement has yet to be given.nRecently Lionize has started his solo career as Gerry Capo and Raphy has been using his name Raphy Flores, and it was announced that Dyland & Lenny were the replacements of Erre XI but they did not want to take the name away from the original artists.

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Carita Bonita


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